February 1, 2024

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Auto Centre Chorley is a busy Garage in Preston with an MOT centre and a large workshop with multiple bays offering every aspect of car and automobile services. They had IT support services in place and were in desperate need of reliable telephones, IT infrastructure and Wi-Fi network.


Objective: Auto Centre were having a challenging time with their IT provider who organised their phones, connectivity, and wider IT infrastructure. Constant connectivity issues preventing the business from functioning effectively, unreliable Wi-Fi so the technicians could not fulfil the diagnostics and updates on car software. This filtered down to delays for the customers which was unacceptable to Auto Centre as like Vostel; are dedicated to customer service and delivering on their promises.

Auto Centre required a new telephony system, one that could integrate with their garage management system that is integral to the business. They needed a reliable Wi-Fi network with connectivity with 99.99% uptime. They also needed some network architecture upgrades including hardware as well as design, and a provider who will support effectively and be able to attend site with skilled and innovative network engineers. They also wanted to be able to walk around while on a call, roaming through their workshops with a reliable headset.

The integration allowed for contact synchronisation, click to call, contact groups, automated pop-ups with customer information when they call. Giving faster and more productive customer service and ability to process jobs more efficiently, having a positive impact on their business and revenue.


Challenges: On an industrial estate this frequently presents connectivity and bandwidth issues such as, length of the line, broadband availability i.e. copper, and lots of other businesses drawing from the area’s available speeds. Another challenge was the IT infrastructure quality and trying to understand why some aspects of their set up had been configured the way it had i.e. multiple routers, unconventional switching and other aspects that didn’t meet best practice in IT network architecture.

Solution: We attended site and supplied new hardware, including phones, headsets with a long range, and network devices such as routers, switches, and Wi-Fi access points for full site coverage. We built a bespoke cloud telephony system that exceeded the brief for what they desired. We took over their connectivity and full fibre with the correct configuration and hardware so we can remotely support as well as have alerting systems in place to monitor their network 24/7. This new set up has been vital for the function to their business and allows them to provide the support to the customers they are famous for. The integration with our phone system and their garage management system allows for a more streamlined and time saving workflow. We also supplied detailed data analytics for their business which supports their change management and continuous improvement processes. ‘

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