High performance, total coverage Wi-Fi solutions for indoor and outdoor use at gigabit speed
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High performance wireless networks

Wi-Fi plays a big part in your online day so it’s super important to have a connection that’s not only fast but also totally reliable. A lot of our customers are garages who rely on our Wi-Fi installations to perform intensive vehicle updates. Any interruptions in the Wi-Fi can cause costly damage. For this reason, the Ubiquiti UniFi Access Points installed give you a high-performance and reliable wireless network you can trust, both indoors and outdoors.

Wireless links replace a cable

The Wireless Wire is a ground breaking solution connecting buildings together for network connectivity without the use of an ethernet cable. A small device is connected on each building creating an encrypted wireless link at gigabit speeds up to 200m in distance. This solution is ideal for companies needing to connect offices and workshops together without high installation costs and potential groundworks requirement.

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