January 15, 2018

Cradick Retail

Unique buying point:
Number porting
Suburban homes
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Business Type:
Property services
The South East
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Cradick Retail are a highly experienced commercial property agency team, spearheaded by respected industry figures whose expertise and contacts are second to none. They have a highly successful track record with acquisitions and disposals in high street, shopping centre and edge of town locations.


Cradick Retail were using a BT VoIP system which was about to be discontinued. They were given 2 weeks notice the plug was about to be pulled on the service and that they would lose their numbers unless they were ported. They needed a new solution sharpish!


We had to work fast for Cradick Retail due to the timescale they were given by BT. We had never experienced an issue like this so it was new territory for all of us. Our hosted service was a perfect solution and would give them the ability for future expansion. We auto provisioned 2 of our new Cisco CP series handsets and configured a base system ready for migration. For 2 frantic weeks we battled the giant that is and were passed from pillar to post trying to get the numbers ports agreed. They finally were and we managed to successfully port with one day to go, phew!

They are now able to enjoy our full feature set. Voicemail to email, time conditions and direct dial numbers. To ensure they never miss a call we have enabled our call forward service. Our portal is a cinch to use so they can quickly login and set things as they want.

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